Saturday, December 15, 2012

Response to Tragedy

It's nearly 2am. I'm still awake, with my precious baby boy asleep on my chest. The only thing that would make that better right now is if my three bigger babies could fit next to him. My heart aches for those in Connecticut who would give anything to hold their child. Yet, the problem will never be solved in the media coverage, the political realm, the legal world, or the social and psychological analysis that will undoubtedly happen over the next several years. The why and what if, though inevitable, is futile. I put my son in a grave. And what I learned through loss is that God did that first. He buried His son. He is the only One who can truly fathom this pain and walk these families home to Him and His perfect love in a sin filled world. May this tragedy awaken us to sharing Him and His story.