Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bear hugs

I grew up in Eastland, Texas at the First Baptist Church. Tomorrow, one of the most influential people of my life will be laid to rest there. I expect it to be an amazing celebration of life, one like no other. I really have no words to express who Bill Hart was to me, correction, is to me. He was a prayer warrior for me like no other. He was an honorary grandfather to me. He was a spiritual mentor. He taught me about love and marriage, honesty and following God no matter what.

A few weeks before I left to live in Japan for two years, I went to his office. I sat down in a chair and told him I needed some paperwork done before I left. At the time, he was the only lawyer I knew. At the time, he was the only lawyer I trusted with my life. He helped me make out a living will and a power of attorney document. When I tried to pay him for his services he refused. I'm positive I am not the only client he ever worked with that he refused payment from. He told me that I was the youngest person he had every made a will for and he counted it as his way of supporting the mission God had called me to do. Then, he prayed over me in his office. Finally, I got the best bear hug. I loved those hugs. I'll miss them more than anything.

I wish I could be at that celebration of life tomorrow. I know that Mr. Hart is finally praising God in His presence, something he spoke of with great anticipation. I'm so glad he no longer has to wait for that. I miss you Mr. Hart, but we'll hug again soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School

On Tuesday, Aiden began preschool. He will go on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 11:00. We decided he really needed some opportunities to make some friends. We also wanted him and Anthony to spend some time apart from one another. He was so excited to go! We went to the parking lot of the church and prayed for his school several times this past week. We bought new school clothes and packed his backpack. We talked about making new friends and his new teachers. The night before Aiden prayed to have a fun day at his new school. It was the sweetest prayer.

Here's the new student all ready to go.
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Walking out the door, backpack all ready.
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This is the current sign at the church. Isn't that neat? Aiden loved seeing his name on the sign.
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Walking in . . . Mommy was nervous, not Aiden.
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We hung up his coat and backpack on his hook. Right now he is sharing a hook with Ava.
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Then, we signed him in and washed our hands. Here we are getting ready to go into his classroom.
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He went right up to his teacher and said, "Mrs. Cindy, what comes next?" We had to beg for a kiss goodbye, he was too busy playing.
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He loves school! He made a new friend, "a boy named Ottie." He and Ottie are the only boys with five girls. He also "made a sun with purple glue" and liked his teachers Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Amy. He does not love leaving school. He cried for fifteen minutes when we left. He got even more upset when I told him he wouldn't be going again for two more sleeps. In the meantime, Mommy cried herself to sleep because her baby is growing up way to fast.

Family Time

Nan, Grandaddy, Uncle Mark, Aunt PJ, and CJ came to visit us for a week. We had SO much FUN!!!!! We are already planning our next "vacation" together. We met in St. Louis for a couple of days and then came back to Macomb. We literally took hundreds of pictures. I've picked a few of my very favorites to share.