Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bear hugs

I grew up in Eastland, Texas at the First Baptist Church. Tomorrow, one of the most influential people of my life will be laid to rest there. I expect it to be an amazing celebration of life, one like no other. I really have no words to express who Bill Hart was to me, correction, is to me. He was a prayer warrior for me like no other. He was an honorary grandfather to me. He was a spiritual mentor. He taught me about love and marriage, honesty and following God no matter what.

A few weeks before I left to live in Japan for two years, I went to his office. I sat down in a chair and told him I needed some paperwork done before I left. At the time, he was the only lawyer I knew. At the time, he was the only lawyer I trusted with my life. He helped me make out a living will and a power of attorney document. When I tried to pay him for his services he refused. I'm positive I am not the only client he ever worked with that he refused payment from. He told me that I was the youngest person he had every made a will for and he counted it as his way of supporting the mission God had called me to do. Then, he prayed over me in his office. Finally, I got the best bear hug. I loved those hugs. I'll miss them more than anything.

I wish I could be at that celebration of life tomorrow. I know that Mr. Hart is finally praising God in His presence, something he spoke of with great anticipation. I'm so glad he no longer has to wait for that. I miss you Mr. Hart, but we'll hug again soon!

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Louise Emery said...

My memories of Mr. Hart are just as amazing as yours. We were SO very blessed to have him in our lives. I praise God for him, and hope that I can be as meaningful to someone as he was to me. Thank you for writing this.