Friday, May 30, 2008

Life altering decision!

I've been debating for weeks. I've done hours of research online. I've asked others opinions. I was so tired of the same thing. It's been the same for sixteen years now. That's a really long time! I mean, yeah, it's gone up or down, but in general, it's been the same. Yet, I just couldn't bring myself to do it! I mean, cutting one's hair is a life altering decision. So, instead I drove my husband insane with the incessant discussion and the what ifs of the situation. I've done this for nearly four weeks now. And my hair has stayed like this.


It's simple. Low maintenance. And boring. I want excitement. I want something different and new. But I'm terrified to take the plunge, so I remain with my own personal status quo.

Then, today, I snapped. Literally. You see, I was incredibly nervous today. I performed a piano recital tonight. I hate piano recitals. I get so nervous I hurl, toss my cookies, pray to the porcelain god, well, you get the picture. The longer the wait, the worse it gets. So, somewhere around noon today I snapped. I looked at my sweet husband, with two small boys whining and running circles around my legs, and I believe flames began to come out of my eyes. My voice morphed into a strange growling sound as I said to the sweet hubby, "is it okay if I go get my hair cut?" He quickly acquiesced, I think more from fear than an actual desire to see me with a new do. I ran out the door, literally. I had to run back in and get keys for the van.

I've called my brand new, just found three weeks ago, stylist and I'm racing to the salon, because she's leaving in forty five minutes! All the while my brain was rationalizing my behavior, "I've been wanting to do this for a long time, I want to get it done before we go to Florida." The list just goes on. In reality though, my thoughts were, "If I change my hair dramatically, everyone will be looking at it and not listening to my mistakes on the piano!" So, I walk in and give a complete stranger, whom I've seen cut my boys hair once, complete reign over my hair! About half way through this strange process I throw in that I want some highlights too! Then, about three quarters of the way into the process I begin to wonder how much highlights cost and if I brought enough money with me. This is when I realize that I have completely gone wacko and that I might ought to look into some counseling for my fears of playing the piano in front of others.

I was just contemplating asking for the yellow pages to look up psychiatrists, when I was moved to sit under the hair dryer. Oh my gosh! I'm such a wimp! It was so freaking hot!!! I'm really praying hard by this point. Many things are being lifted to our Creator, but mainly I was begging for relief from the pain of the burn! Feel the burn! Oh yeah, I was feeling it all right. I was also desperately begging God for the price of this stupid, impulsive, adventure to be in my budget! Yet, I never actually gave my fears of playing over to God. I held on tight to that. Cause, I'm smart like that. (please note the sarcasm)

And the results of this crazy situation you ask??? Well, here they are!


Here's the back!

I think I like it!

Oh my gosh! My craziness might have just paid off this time!

It did! Woohoo!!! Sweet hubby likes it too!!!!

And I got as many compliments on my new do as I did on my piano skills for the night. Thank the Lord it's over and I got a cute new haircut out of it!!!


lil K said...

:) it fits you well! I love it!

mrspetrey said...

I love it!! You look just as beautiful now as you did before. I'm glad you took the plunge. Pass some courage my way as I have the same problem.

Linda said...

Whoo-hoo! Very cute, Angie!! Ya done good, fer sure!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!! Brently and I love your cut. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your highlights. Super cute!!

Now...go to the phone and call a counselor.


~ Holly

Arwengreenleaf said...

Omigosh! I LOVE your hair!!!!

Jami said...

Wow - you are totally brave. I love it; you look adorable and it looks pretty low maintainence.

I can't believe it didn't occur to me when you commented on me before that of course you have a blog to, duh! I have some catch up reading to do!