Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To the Ends of the Earth

I've re-discovered this week that there is nothing in the world like hearing your child sing praises to God. Aiden's new favorite song is "Days of Elijah." He requests it in the car, at the table, before bed, and in his sleep. He loves, loves, loves the line, "There is no God like Jehovah" and he will stop you from singing and say, "Mama, do you know why there is no God like Jehovah?" and I'll say, "why Aiden?" And then, as if he is telling you the greatest secret in the entire world (which he is!) he'll say, "Because God is Jehovah!" Then, he'll throw himself back into praising his Jehovah. I love the theology of a child!!!

However, sometimes that praise can reduce me to tears. That same little red headed boy was in church on Sunday. He had not sang one word all morning. This is uncommon for him, but there are times that he prefers to listen to Mama sing. Ever since he was a baby I have been singing hymns and praise songs to him. He will put his hand on my throat to feel the vibrations and put his ear against my cheek to listen. That's what Sunday was for us. He was on my left, Anthony was on my right, both of them had their ears pressed to my cheeks listening to me sing to our Father. Pastor Bruce gave an excellent sermon. We are currently in a sermon series called, "Flip this House." He was discussing evangelizing our world. We watched an amazing video clip on the Indonesian people receiving the word of God in their own language. I was watching when I realized, Aiden was watching too, mesmerized and I realized he couldn't read the translation fast enough, so I began reading out loud to him. I couldn't read fast enough for him. He was saying, "they are so happy! look how happy they are!" It struck me, but not as hard as the invitation did that day. Shortly after the video, the sermon was over and the invitation was given. We stood to sing and my little red head stood up in the chair next to his Daddy. He didn't hold onto me and he didn't press his ear against my cheek. Instead, with a beaming smile, one of pure joy, he belted out the song we were singing, "Wherever He Leads I'll Go." I cried, joy mixed with the coming pain of having a child that follows after God. I used to sing that song with joy like that. I sang it several times in preparation to leave for Japan. I remember thinking how much I loved it, how the words always touched my heart, deep into my soul where I wanted to travel the world and share Jesus. And I remember my Mama crying as I sang it with pure joy and abandon. Role reversal isn't fun.

But I'm still the Mommy and I want what's best for him, not me, so last night as we sang together I reminded Aiden how important it is that he follow God, wherever God wants him to go. That's right sweet boy, you follow Him! You let go of your weeping Mother and you run after Jesus, to the ends of the earth baby boy!!!

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You are to be commended. Your blog is very inspirational.