Monday, January 20, 2014

List Three

I love lists. I love to write them, talk about them, mark them done, and I even enjoy reading other people's lists. So, when I read the 52 Lists Project I decided it would be a fun project.

List Three - list the things you should be proud of

four children in heaven: Hannah Grace, Colin Michael, Airen Lee, Dash Liam
Aiden John
Anthony Joseph
Abigail Jaicee
Andon Josiah
Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Addiction Studies
Masters of Arts in Christian Education with an emphasis on Preschool and Children's Ministry
natural birth with first child
breastfeeding three children for a total of 44 months
surviving the loss of four children
Journeyman in Japan for two years
leading children all over the world closer to Christ

I don't really feel proud of these things as much as I feel grateful God allowed me to have them, experience them, and enjoy them.


Greg Smith said...

"four children in heaven: Hannah Grace, Colin Michael, Airen Lee, Dash Liam"
I came to confirm my suspicion that Melissa deleted further comments(could be wrong) and to see if you wanted to continue.

However upon arrival I saw the above. Can I sincerely ask what this means?

"four children in heaven"

That hits one between the eyes.

Greg AKA Tiribulus

MommytoAJ4 said...

Well, it means alot, hard to put that into words really. It means my husband and I have had four children die. We had three miscarriages, all around 12 weeks. We named each of them and believe they are in Jesus arms. We had a son who died at 32 weeks in utero. I gave birth to him, I held him and buried him on my first day of moving to a brand new state and a brand new ministry position away from all family and friends. His name was Colin and he looked exactly like his big brother who was 18 months old at the time. It means I have experienced a multitude of loss and I still deal with it daily, even though it has been several years. It means I have walked a dark, deep tunnel of grief with my God and He has been faithful to pull me out when I wanted to stay there and not live anymore. It means that I was blessed with these children by a loving God who has also walked through enormous grief. I am proud of them. All four of them taught me something about my Savior and strengthened my faith. I look forward to being reunited with them some day. It means that the four children I have on earth (3 I gave birth to and 1 was adopted) are miracles, literally. Feel free to read the rest of what I've written on here, you will get a small glimpse of my story and my children's legacy.

No, I do not want to continue that discussion. I already told you as much on Melissa's blog, but that comment has not been published. I don't debate in this place. It is a place of peace for me. I wish you well.

Greg Smith said...

Angie, my heart absolutely shatters for you my dear. I am SO sorry. I can't imagination your grief. Your faithful steadfastness in the wake of such difficult providence is truly heroic.

I certainly wouldn't want to disturb your peace here.
God bless you and your family.