Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harvest Party

One of my greatest memories from childhood involves the night before Valentine's Day. The kitchen was filled with the smell of strawberry cakes baking. My mother, with a list of my classmates in hand, carefully created an individual, personalized, heart shaped cake for each of my friends. She did this seven years for me. That was approximately 400 cakes. Not to mention that she was also doing the same thing for my brother, at the same time. I wish I had a picture of one of them, they were beautiful. I'll never forget my seventh grade year on Valentine's day, my friends and I realized we were too old to be allowed parties at school. We were discussing this at lunch and one of my friends mentioned how sad she was to not get her cake that year from my mom. I think about those cakes, every Valentine's Day and sometimes in between. Sometimes I catch myself craving one, usually it's when I'm really missing my Mom.

Before I had children, I often wondered if I would be capable of doing something that would have such a lasting impression on my child. One of the reasons I decided to learn how to decorate cakes was because of the memory of those Valentine's day cakes. I wanted to provide that special memorable snack for my child. Then, I began to work in daycares and the school system. I realized that times are very different now. Due to many safety and health regulations, most schools will no longer allow you to bring in homemade treats. I understand the rules and the reasons they are in place, but they sadden me. I began to realize I wouldn't be able to provide the same things for my children that my parents did, just because it's a different world.

Then, Aiden began preschool and last month the teacher asked for a parent to bring a special treat for the Harvest Party. I asked if it could be homemade and she said yes! I was so excited!!! I literally jumped at the chance.

Aiden's Harvest Party was alot of fun today!

Bob and Larry, all dressed up, playing a game with one of Aiden's teachers, Mrs. Amy.

Aiden's class (and some siblings, Anthony did not want to be in the picture though)

Aiden telling his friends about "my pumpkin patch cake"

When Aiden saw the cake for the first time he got so excited. He kept telling everyone there was a "pumpkin patch cake" and that "my Mommy made it for me." He was a little confused, he kept telling people it was his birthday. And he got very sad when he realized he would have to wait until snack time to actually have a piece of the cake. He ate the pumpkin that fell off the truck. :)

When that little face lit up at the sight of that cake I understood all of those strawberry cakes more deeply than I ever have. I was overwhelmed by a love for my child. And yet, there was another emotion mingled in there for me, a deep gratitude for my Mom, a striking appetite for her presence with me, and a tiny bit of hunger for a Valentine's day cake.


DT Boy said...

I enjoyed eating a round piece from the middle of the cake.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until you get an email like this! "You (and dt boy) made my ears leak!" Love you both, Mom