Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hershey waved at us!

Third Ultrasound Picture (11 weeks 4 days)

We had an excellent appointment today! It was so Normal! I haven't had a "normal" appointment since Aiden! My blood pressure was great. He did an ultrasound and found little Hershey right away. Hershey is really low on my right side right now. The little heart was just beating away at 175bpm. Hershey was moving and waved to us several times. It's so awesome to see that movement! The doctor laughed at me because he said it took him two days to read over all of my medical files. He said everything looked great and to come back in four weeks! I cried when I was making my next appointment because I was so happy. It's been so long since we've made it this far!!! I couldn't believe it! Thank you for your prayers for me and little Hershey, please keep them up!

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