Thursday, January 31, 2013


I can't find a bunch of my pictures. Like Christmas and stuff. Plus, my laptop isn't working right now. But I'm gonna update anyway, the best I can!

In January the kids and I drove to Texas. We had a blast together on the trip and the kids were so good. I was very proud of them! Andon tried his first milkshake. He wasn't a fan. He doesn't really like anything cold, so I wasn't surprised he didn't like it very much.

 photo 2012-12-27_15-34-17_950.jpg

The littles enjoyed the new sensory table Andon got for Christmas from Nan and Grandaddy. We've played and played in this with all different kinds of things.

 photo 2013-01-07_10-54-54_479.jpg

Aiden got hooked up for his 48 hour EEG.
 photo 2013-01-14_17-33-51_957.jpg

He played alot of video games since he was tethered to a video camera for that period of time.
 photo 2013-01-14_20-22-44_171.jpg

The boys won prizes in the Scout Pine Wood Derby. Aiden won for "Scariest Car" and Anthony won for "Funniest Car" and both boys had a blast making their cars with their Daddy.
 photo 2013-01-26_11-50-44_922.jpg

The Princess became more and more obsessed with Cinderella.
 photo 2013-01-28_13-57-39_4.jpg

Aiden turned 8. For the first time ever he didn't want a big party with lots of people. Instead he asked to take a friend to the local arcade place. It was strange not throwing a big party for him.

Abby turned 3. Here she is with her Lambie.
 photo 2013-01-29_09-07-21_502.jpg

Her party was Cinderella, of course.
 photo 2013-01-29_16-02-16_460.jpg

Anthony continued with karate. No this isn't a picture of that. Man, I wish I knew where my pictures ended up!
 photo 2013-01-16_17-21-36_568.jpg

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