Thursday, February 28, 2013


February was a busy and wonderful month for us!

Anthony had "Dress Wacky" day at school.
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Mommy and Daddy took Abby to see "Disney on Ice" for her birthday. She was mesmerized by the Princesses. She loved them, but was sad there was no appearance by Cinderella. So, she took a liking to Belle, for the day.
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We were finally able to schedule Aiden's birthday trip with his friend Brayden. They had lunch and a cake at our home, with a Mario theme, then had a blast playing at Funway together.
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This girl took my breath away with her beauty. She looks so grown up to me!
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Abby started her first dance class. She loves it!
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I got to go on a retreat with our church. It was three wonderful days of sewing and crafting! I'm so thankful for Patrick pushing me to go. He is so amazing with the kids, I don't even have to worry about them when I'm gone. I was renewed spiritually and emotionally and I got a little rest too. I have nearly completed my very first quilt. It was so much fun!
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The Cinderella obsession continues. She watches the movie every chance she gets. We own it on VHS. She has nearly worn it out. We have got to get the DVD before a tragedy strikes! I love her hair like this, I call it the Princess Leia look.
 photo 2013-02-27_09-35-24_646.jpg

He just keeps getting bigger. His personality is so cute right now. I love watching him when Patrick comes home from work. He stops whatever he is doing and runs, arms stretched open, for his Daddy.
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