Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And so it begins . . .

I've always said that I will be one of those mothers that has to call the fire department to get my boys off of the roof, while I frantically beg them to be still and not jump. I've also said the cause will be the older trying to teach the younger that he can fly with a blanket wrapped around him like a cape. Today I saw visions of my future!

"I'm a super hero Mommy!"

"Me? Me? Me?"

"I'm a super hero and Anthony is a super hero! I'm going to fly Anthony!"

"Me! Me! Me!"

At least the visions were cute!!!


Denise said...

I LOVE your boys!!! And I could hear them talking as I read the story:) I wonder how much of their mischief will be prompted by dad??

Anonymous said...

cute! cute! Nan

Mady, Connor, & Kenzie's Mommy said...

So adorable. I can see them actually up on the roof and you trying to decide to I freak or tell Patrick to get the camera lol.