Sunday, July 20, 2008


I realized after posting our scripture for this week that it addresses fear. I am currently struggling with fear, but not in a normal way. I am having recurring nightmares of losing Dash. Then, I dwell on them throughout the day. So, brother and sisters in Christ, please join me in repelling Satan and his fear tactics. Please pray for "sweet" dreams and a peaceful heart. Thank you!

Tomorrow, we get to see Dash again. I can't wait!

Many of you have commented, offhandedly, on the gender of Dash. So, I think it's time for everyone to weigh in, do you think Dash is a boy or a girl??? Leave me a comment and let me know! Just for the record, my Mommy intuition says boy. The Daddy intuition says boy too. :) So what do you think?


mrspetrey said...

I think Dash is either a boy or a girl for sure!! LOL Can't wait to hear your update today. Prayers and big hugs!

Arwengreenleaf said...

I think it's time you have a girl! You can't be the only one in a house full of boys!

Steph said...

My auntie radar says boy too. But if proven wrong I hereby pledge to help fill dashs closet with frilly dresses as my punishment ;)