Wednesday, April 28, 2010

March of Dimes 2010

It rained, but it was a wonderful walk! We raised $345 this year! Thank you so much for your support!!!

We're about to start! (Abby is upset because we moved her covers to get a picture and the rain hit her)

Off we go!

Lots of people saving lives of babies!

Carrying Abby! It's amazing how much better shape I am in this year than I was last year! I carried all 8 pounds of her for about three of the four miles. Never could have done that last year! So proud of myself!

Even though I am proud of myself, I am even prouder of my boys!!! They both walked the majority of the four miles! Anthony literally ran the first mile and Aiden went three miles before asking for a break!

We did it!!!!

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Misty V said...

8 lbs already! She is already bigger than my little love bug. Colleen has struggled to gain weight. Starting at 7'7" dropping to 6'13" holding at 7'1" for over 3 weeks and finally at 5 weeks she is 7'11". The pedi dr thinks my milk is not fatty enough. Don't know why my milk is not good enough for baby #5, but it is stressing me out!!!!!!!

Sorry for the venting!! :)

Beautiful family u have!