Friday, May 29, 2009


Each week I pick some things for the boys to do that go along with the theme at Aiden's school. This way I can reinforce what he is learning and expand on it. I also choose a memory verse that goes along with the theme. Both boys are doing such a good job with their memory verses. Not only can they tell you this weeks, they can tell you Every week we've done. So far we've learned:

Theme - Flowers
God made the flowers. Genesis 1:11

Theme - Gardening
God placed man in the Garden Eden to take care of it. Genesis 2:15

Theme - Hawaii
Let them give glory to the Lord and proclaim His praise in the islands. Isaiah 42:12

This week was bug week at Aiden's school. So, we memorized the verse,

Ants are not strong, but they work to store their food. Proverbs 30:25

I've had fun talking with the boys about what it means to work for food and store it. This week has been enhanced by watching our Mama bird feed her babies too! We've talked about bugs, we've looked for bugs, and we've read books from the library on bugs. I've been having lots of fun thinking of things for the boys to do that go with the themes. So far we've planted flowers made octodogs and gone swimming. Today for snack we had ants on a log!


The boys loved making them themselves and even ate celery! Wow!

Next week is Picnic week! I can't wait!

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