Friday, July 10, 2009

Hershey has a heartbeat!

We had a good appointment today with the MFM in Chicago. Then, we got an early ultrasound. Here's Hershey!


According to the ultrasound tech, who was awesome, Hershey is in a difficult to find position. He or she is so tiny. I am six weeks and one day, as opposed to the seven weeks the doctor's thought I should be. I knew I was six weeks. :) Anyway, it is awesome that Hershey had a strong heartbeat.

Please continue to pray for Hershey's development. Also, we desperately want to change our doctor here in Aurora. We are having a hard time finding another practice that will take us. The one we are currently seeing is not taking the high risks seriously enough for us and they do not deliver at the hospital we prefer. Pray that God will provide us with the perfect doctor.

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Anonymous said...

Hershey is sooooo cute!!!!
Love Nan