Thursday, July 16, 2009

Red head

Several weeks ago Aiden began telling me he didn't like his red hair anymore. We've had this conversation before, it comes up every once in a while. We tell him how special his red hair is and how much we love it. That wasn't working this time. He just kept saying, "Mama, I'm the Only one with red hair!" So, finally, I said, "Aiden, Mama can have red hair too, would you like that?" His eyes got as wide as saucers and he slowly nodded his head!

So, while we were in Texas, I got my hair cut and then made it red for my red head.


When Aiden saw it he said, "Mama!!! That is soooo cooooolll!!!!! It's beautiful!"

So, he totally loves it. I called him to come to me, later that day, by his usual nickname. "Redhead, come see me." He replied with, "Yes, Red Girl?" We both laughed. Every once in a while he'll stop what he's doing, come over and stroke my hair, then say, "Mama, I love your red hair!" And he's been known to tell his Daddy that Mama's hair is beautiful and Daddy should love it. Well, I love it, but not because it makes me beautiful, but for how it made my little red head feel.

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