Monday, July 6, 2009

You just gotta pay right!

On our recent trip to Texas, my sister-in-law and I were talking about our children's "currency." The "thing" that they want and will motivate them to do things we want them to do. For Aiden, his currency is a movie. If I want Aiden to nap, well, I promise he can watch a movie afterward and I assure him he will not watch a movie if he doesn't nap. (We didn't watch a movie today, I'm so tired, he has got to nap when Mommy is this exhausted!) Evidently for my niece, her "currency" is currency. The girl loves money. One more way she's like her Aunt. When I think of Anthony's "currency" I remember that old commercial, "What would you do oo ooo for a Klondike bar?" Anthony is motivated by food, in particular, chocolate.

Anthony has been using the potty for several months now, off and on, but nothing really consistent. Everyday I would ask, "Anthony are you ready to wear a pull up?" He would say, "no, diaper." A few weeks ago that changed to, "Anthony are you ready to wear a pull up?" "Yes!" So, my question changed to, "Anthony, are you ready to wear underwear?" "No, poo up!" He's loved going in the potty for nearly a year, but he refused to put on underwear. Mimi bought him really cute underwear. He was excited! Would not wear it. I kept asking, everyday. While we were in Texas, he realized he was the only one not in underwear now. He started going to the potty more consistently. Everyday I asked, "Anthony, are you ready to wear underwear?" "Nope!"

In the meantime, about a month ago, I began a system with Aiden. Go accident free all day and you get a piece of chocolate before bed. I was desperate. Well, Aiden has been accident free for three weeks now! Yay! Yesterday I told a friend that I finally thought Aiden was done!

Today, Anthony woke up, came into my bedroom and said, "Mama, I wear unddaware, I get chaawwwkit." Translation: "Mama, I will wear underwear today and you will give me chocolate." Okay baby!!!! Ooops, sorry, I mean, okay big boy!!!

So, we put Anthony in underwear for the first time today. He did really great this morning. He was playing in his kitchen and all of the sudden I heard, "oops, oh nooooooo, MAMA HELP!" He had a tiny accident and we ran to the bathroom and finished. I'm so proud of him! It's looking like he's going to be easier to train than Aiden was, but it was only the first day, so I'm not holding my breathe. He ate up that little piece of chocolate before bed tonight and we made a huge deal of how proud we are of him! I guess I should have offered chaawwwkit before now! I can't believe I have two in underwear now! He's growing up way too fast!!!


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