Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lab work and Prayers

All of our lab work turned out fine. However, the nurse practitioner we have been seeing did not order a HCG level, so we don't really know how the baby is doing. My blood pressure was much better, it had gone down to 138/88. The medication is working, but also making me have chills and it kind of feels like bugs are crawling under my skin. It's a fun experience.

We will be seeing a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist tomorrow in Chicago at 10:30. After that appointment we have our first ultrasound at 1:30. I'm very nervous about this appointment and ultrasound. Please pray that we get the quality of care that we are looking for and have not found yet. It seems that we know more about my conditions than the medical staff caring for us and that they think we are stupid so they are not listening to us. Most importantly, pray that everything goes very smoothly with that ultrasound. I'm terrified and trying to remember to turn things over to God. I'm doing a pretty good job of turning them over, I just keep forgetting to leave it there! 1:30 can't come soon enough for me! Pray for Hershey! Thanks!

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Heather said...

Angie, I am SO excited about your baby! I am praying for you, and Hershey and for good doctors.