Monday, January 25, 2010

Passing and The Plan

We had a great ultrasound of Abby today. She passed with an 8 out of 8. Then, she passed her NST's. So the doctor gave her a 10 out of 10 today.

So, she is currently doing really well. However, we are still showing some resistance in the blood flow from me to Abby. About one out of four of our NST's are showing decreased movement, or contractions, both or other issues. Based on the information over the past several months, the doctors have decided that it is time for us to deliver. We all feel like we have pushed things to the limit. Therefore, the doctors will be speaking tomorrow and scheduling a date for a c-section. They want me to be 35 weeks, which will be this coming Friday. So, the surgery will either be Friday or Monday at this point, we should have a date by tomorrow we think. Patrick and I are both very relived to have a date in sight. The stress of not knowing has really been difficult. We're also in total agreement with the doctors that there are just too many variables of things going well and then them changing quickly. I'll remain in the hospital until the surgery date and will continue the intense monitoring we have been doing. That way we can deliver earlier if necessary for some reason.

Patrick and I had an excellent nurse last night who gave us a tour of the NICU here at the hospital. We've received alot of information and are really pleased with the care here.

So, these are our prayer requests for now:

* That the doctors, Patrick and I will have wisdom as we schedule this c-section for Abby.

* That the surgery will go well and my recovery will be very quick, allowing me to care for Abby.

* For Abby's development and growth between now and then.

* That our nurses and doctors will know exactly how to take care of Abby and I.

* That things will go smoothly without any unexpected complications.


Misty V said...

We r praying for you, and will continue as you have cs on Friday. Word of advise from a mom who has had multiple cs, TAKE THE MAX PAIN MEDS!!!! It is the best road to quick recovery for you! If I take the MAX without question the first week to week and half then taper myself off, I am good to go almost immediately and never have to deal with the PAIN. JM told me 3 cs ago, you do not get addicted to pain meds the first 2 weeks after surgury!!!!!!! Luv ya girly. Can't wait to see pictures of sweet Abby!

Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you. Suzanne