Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Update on Us

Today has been a much more informative day! Yay! The doctors have agreed that I am in the hospital for the duration of this pregnancy. So, that was the first thing we found out.

Then, the Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist (MFM) decided to run a contraction stress test on Abby. Basically, they put me on oxytocin and began contractions to monitor Abby's heart rate and see how she would handle labor right now. Abby passed that beautifully. This means that she is not under too much stress right now and can stay inside the womb for a little bit longer. When we asked, how much longer the answer was, "well, we will re-evaluate tomorrow." So, basically this is a day by day situation. The doctors really want me to make it to 34 weeks (Friday). They are really, really hoping for 35 weeks, next Friday. They are not anticipating us getting past that point at this time. The farther I can make it, the less aid she will need in the NICU. However, because she is so small, we will definitely be spending some time in the NICU. Thankfully, the hospital we are in has a level 3 NICU.

For now, the plan is to monitor Abby three times a day in the hospital. Based on those readings, we will make a determination each day whether or not to deliver. We'll also be doing ultrasounds and other tests as necessary.

Our internet connection seems to go in and out alot here in the hospital. The best way to contact either of us is through our cell phones, in particular a text message.

Updated prayer requests:

* Continue to pray for wisdom for Patrick, myself, and our doctors.

* Continue to pray for Abby to grow, remain healthy, and to develop, especially her lungs.

* Aiden's birthday is Sunday, we will be moving his party to a later date. Pray the logistics of all of that work out well.

* I miss my boys. Because of the flu they are not allowed to visit me in the hospital. (Before I had time to publish this, my MFM agreed to let me go to the lobby to see the boys for a little while today. An answered prayer already! It was great to hug and kiss on them!)

Thank you so much for your prayers and notes of encouragement! We truly do appreciate it!

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Holly said...

Continuing to lift you up. Yay for information!! I know that helps bring peace to both of y'all. And I'm so glad that you're staying put!

I know your boys miss you, but it's good to get some grandma face time. :D