Friday, July 9, 2010

Craft Projects

This very small two bedroom apartment is getting smaller and smaller for some reason. It's like it is shrinking in direct proportion to my children growing. For five months we have stored Abby's wipes and diapers on the changing table. She has found a new love for kicking things and she was finally able to reach those items when she was being changed. So, I set out looking for a diaper stacker. A plain pink (or purple or some other girly color, I'm not picky!) diaper stacker. Three stores, one of them being a major baby superstore (that I still managed to spend an enormous amount of money in that day!) did not have a diaper stacker. Previously mentioned "major baby superstore" had a really pretty brown and pink version and they were really, really proud of it! They were about three times prouder of it than I felt comfortable with. So, I bought some cheap pretty pink storage boxes and made my own. It works out much better, because there is not a place in a traditional diaper stacker to put the wipes case, much less babies' duct tape!!!


This isn't completely finished, but I'm really proud of it. I cannot take credit for taking the pictures, just putting them in their frames and then throwing them on the wall in a haphazard fashion that would have made my Mother ill. I didn't measure. They are not straight. They are not equally distanced. They aren't even on the wall very securely, but I love them!!! The large picture in the middle is an engagement photo of Patrick and I, with the signatures from our wedding surrounding it. The four small frames are our heaven children's initials H,C,A, and D, for Hannah, Colin, Airen, and Dash. The two boys pictures were taken at our local Wal-mart. Amazing photographer! Seriously love her! Unfortunately, she is now on maternity leave. The picture of Abby is from her hospital shoot. I want to add some words above the pictures that say, "Where great love is, there are miracles." Isn't that the truth? Patrick and I have an amazing love story with one another and our precious Creator. These seven miracles are the results.

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Misty V said...

quite perfect for randomness!! i appreciate the person who can do random because i CANNOT!!!