Sunday, July 4, 2010

Disney and the Island Vacation Extravaganza

Day Five
We started the day by exploring our hotel a little more. Herbie was cool, but Buzz and Woody were awesome! We had lunch at Coral Reef, where we all had some wonderful seafood while watching a huge aquarium. One of Patrick's fondest memories of Epcot, as a child, is of eating in a really nice restaurant (he thinks it was Coral Reef) and getting Mickey shaped butter. The reason he liked it was because he got to cut off the ears. The butter was not Mickey shaped. So, I drew a Mickey for him and he cut off the ears. We watched the lightshow at Epcot. Abby loved it, except when the fireworks would stop, she would cry. It was a great day to be a Princess!

Day Six

The boys began the day in the hotel pool while Mommy packed and Princess Abby got some much needed rest. Then, we were off to Hollywood Studios. Patrick and I got a Fastpass for Aerosmith's Rocking Rollercoaster as soon as we walked in the park and our time was 5pm. We ate lunch at Pizza Planet! Then, we stood in line for Toy Story Midway Mania. It was a really neat ride, despite the hour wait. Grandaddy and I were amazed, as we saw 3D for the first time in our lives. The technology has come so far that it does not matter that we have depth perception issues. I screamed on more than one occasion, it was so cool! After meeting Handy Manny, Playhouse Disney was mesmerizing to the boys. Then it was time for Patrick and I to ride our roller coaster! We were so excited! The children stayed with Nan and Grandaddy and off we went. We got to the gate. We were next to get on the ride. They shut the coaster down for technical difficulties. We didn't get to ride. We were so sad. They gave us a fast pass to come back on another day, but that didn't do us any good, because it was our last day. So, we had our Mickey shaped ice cream and headed out to Magic Kingdom. We we arrived on the monorail at Magic Kingdom, we all split up and did our last minute shopping. I took Anthony shopping for his Daddy. Grandaddy took Aiden shopping for Nan. Patrick took Abby shopping for C.J. and Nan went shopping for C.J. too. I needed to take Aiden shopping for his Daddy too, so I met up with Grandaddy. Two stores down from where I had been. That's when I realized Anthony was holding a Mickey Mouse spatula. I said, "where did you get that?" He looked up at me with the cutest, most innocent smile, and said, "for Daddy!" So, we talked quickly about "paying for things" and the boys and I went back two stores and found some awesome kitchen supplies to make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes for their Daddy! Then, we watched the fireworks and Tinkerbell fly one more time before it was time to say goodbye to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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