Sunday, July 4, 2010

Disney and the Island Vacation Extravaganza

Day Three
We spent the morning at Animal Kingdom. We were so excited to see Jiminy Cricket and Rafiki! Loved the safari ride, but it was bumpy! Then, we went back to Magic Kingdom. Anthony rode his first rollercoaster. He LOVED it, but we don't have any pictures. Patrick and Aiden rode together and Anthony and I rode together. Nan and Grandaddy danced during dinner. Then, we ended the day with Angie getting a present from Patrick. It was a Mickey Mouse shaped chocolate box and a beautiful red rose.

Day Four
We started our day at Chef Mickey's for breakfast! It was so much fun! We danced and ate and met all our favorite characters. (Well, except Daisy. Apparently Anthony is pretty attached to Daisy.) Patrick was thrilled to eat Mickey Mouse shaped waffles (and cut the ears off). Abby's favorite character was Pluto, she liked his ticklish whiskers! Then, we went to Epcot. We loved the boat ride in Mexico. In Norway we became Vikings. Nan, Grandaddy and Angie enjoyed Fast Track. Later, Aiden and Patrick went on Fast Track and loved it. We ate lunch at the Japanese restaurant and I got to practice my Japanese and meet some wonderful cast members from Sapporo and other places in Japan. Last, we found Nemo! Crush's Turtle Talk is hilarious! We made this a short day, which means we went home before 10.

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