Sunday, August 19, 2012

Team Bailey

A quick run down of what Team Bailey has been up to the last few weeks!

Andon Josiah, 10 months old


* crawling
* laughing big belly laughs
* standing while holding on to something
* letting go until he realizes he has done it where he then promptly falls to the ground with a shocked look on his face
* making happy baby noises but no words yet
* eating everything we put in front of him
* loves meat
* loves his Mommy
* starting to sleep a little longer at night, like four hours instead of two at one time
* chasing the cat every chance he gets
* trying to do everything his big brothers and big sister are doing
* has four teeth now, two on bottom, two on top
* loves to hug and cuddle
* is a very serious, contemplative child, especially compared to his siblings
* passed his hearing test at his follow up for his tubes in his ears, so thrilled to know he can hear perfectly!

Abigail Jaicee, 2 and 1/2 years old

* loves dress up and shoes
* believes she is a Princess
* loves Dora
* knows most of her colors
* has started counting things
* loves to sing and is really good at it
* has a tan, not sure how that happened in this fair skinned family that uses SPF 50 sunblock like candy, but she does
* is excited about starting "Mommy school" when the boys start school this week
* loves dirt
* has no fear
* is two and her attitude shows it, the screaming, demanding, and "NO!" are grating on Mommy and Daddy's patience, pray for us and her!
* loves to be held, I need more time to hold her
* loves to listen to music to help her go to sleep
* has recently shown some symptoms that could be an indication of TRAPS, we are currently monitoring this, it's a big waiting game sometimes, praying we are wrong

Anthony Joseph, 6 years old

* is starting 1st grade on Wednesday with Mrs. Countryman
* has been my helper with the little ones for so long, I'm not sure what I'm going to do without him now, we are really going to miss him while he is in school
* is a great shot with a bow and arrow
* has conquered some amazing fears this year concerning water at the beach, in the pool and at the Waterpark. Then he was turned away for being too short (by 1/2 an inch, if his hair was dry he would have passed)
* is alot shorter than everyone else in his class, but is growing perfectly
* is dealing with a very frustrating medical condition called encopresis, something I think needs to be talked about more, so that families can get the help they need instead of living in shame, frustration, and hopelessness. Very, very basically that means "My six year old is not potty trained. He has a really hard time pooping." His colon is enlarged due to years of horrible constipation. He takes laxatives daily. There is so much more to this problem, but suffice it to say, it causes peers to tease him, adults to not understand him, and frustration in the entire family. We need prayer for Anthony's healing and wisdom to know how to help him best.
* loves spending one on one time with his Mommy or Daddy, we try to plan for this and put it on the calendar, his love language is definitely quality time
* is a Tiger Scout in Cub Scouts this year and I'm looking forward to what he will learn
* is still such a charmer, the adults in his life are constantly telling me they love his smile, I'm kind of partial to it too
* there is one adult tooth and one gaping hole in the top of that smile right now
* loves to know where we are going, what we are doing, and how to direct those around him, maybe he'll be an event planner someday
* is taking karate and he is really good at it, I'm so proud of how he listens and follows directions for the hour long class

Aiden John, 7 years old

* is starting 2nd grade on Wednesday with Mrs. Hinds
* still loves bacon, second only to people
* trained for and ran a 5K this summer with an amazing time, he is really enjoying running with his Daddy
* has a heart for helping people learn about Jesus
* loves to hear about missioinaries and other countries
* is a planner of his future, he is working on his restaurant, his children's names, who he will marry, and what he will be when he grows up (a football player, pizza maker, and a motorcycle driver)
* gets very excited about "Mommy Dates" he is fond of saying, "I don't care where we go, I just wanna hang out!"
* thinks everything is "adorable" right now
* sometimes loves his electronics a little too much
* is starting "eye therapy" to try to correct his lazy eye, give him depth perception, and they say a side effect is better hand writing! I'm skeptical about the hand writing!
* as part of that eye therapy he will start wearing bifocals sometime next week, he's excited because the frames are red
* is looking forward to being a Wolf Scout
* is a great shot with a BB gun and can't wait to go hunting with his Grandaddy and Uncle Mark, I'm concerned about that whole "sit in a blind quietly" part though
* is full of energy, sometimes too much

Patrick and Angie, the cute one on the left is about to turn 34 and that's me on the right and I'm 38

* is a creative and energetic youth Sunday School teacher
* is a passionate, involved, and crazy fun Dad
* loves eagle chickens
* loves his niece like she is his own
* is an amazing husband, who all too often, takes up my slack when he shouldn't have too
* is really good at his job and is making a difference spiritually in the lives of the people there
* over came a fear of heights to stand on The Ledge of Willis Tower, 103 stories up, I was SO proud of him!
* has guided our family to pray for one another and is forming us into Team Bailey, keeping God as our center
* makes me proud to be his wife

* loves being a stay at home Mom
* is about to start a new schedule where I only have two children from 8:30 to 3:30 everyday, I'm thinking it's going to be strange
* loves working with the children at church on Sunday nights
* loves working with the teenagers at church on Sunday mornings
* enjoys time alone in coffee shops
* wishes I had time to be more crafty
* wishes I was more organized
* has been dealing with a severe bout of depression recently, having several "elephant days"
* wishes I could figure out how not to be so hard on myself, how not to talk down to myself
* enjoys exercising and never thought I would say that, but I can tell a difference in my moods when I don't exercise, I love Body Gospel and I have muscles I've never had before!
* has lost 65 pounds since October
* would like a week away with just my husband

Leave me a comment and let me know you're reading! Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself in here! Much love from Bailey Inc!


ShellyBelle said...

Hi Angie! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing how you raise your children. I got tears in my eyes when I saw the picture of the four of yours eating at McDonalds on the first day of school...they are all so precious and I asked the Lord to protect them and help them all to know Him. I noticed you wrote about some depression and wanting to learn to not talk down to yourself. I can relate to a little of that. My mom gave me a book recently, and I hope it's okay if I share it with you. It's called "Loving God With All Your Mind" by Elizabeth George. Here I am giving you a recommendation when I haven't even read it all yet, but my mom did and really benefited from it, especially the practical suggestions in the second half. And even the first chapter for me has such good truths to chew on...the author speaks about the importance of keeping our mind on what is true (based on Phil. 4:8), which means what is REAL. How often I let my thoughts wonder to things that aren't even true.... Anyway, if the Lord leads, this may be a helpful and encouraging book for you. Thank you for posting about your beautiful family! God bless you!

MommytoAJ4 said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I will look for the book. Do we know one another in real life? Just wondering! :)