Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Traditions

We have several wonderful traditions in our family for Christmas. One of my favorites is buying our Christmas ornaments. We choose ornaments for the boys and one for our whole family.

This year we finally bought ornaments for each of our babies in heaven.

Hannah Grace - December 18, 2005


Colin Michael - August 25, 2006


Airen Lee - November 1, 2007


Dash Liam - August 11, 2008


I did great picking these out and telling them what to write on them, until the man stopped and said, "I've never seen Airen spelled like that." My immediate thought was, "I've never seen her either." We finished and I cried a little, but am so happy we finally were able to do this for our babies.

We looked high and low for the perfect ornament for our little boys. For some reason, these mischievous little rascals jumped out at us. I just love them!





And here is our family ornament.


We definitely feel like we're living in an igloo!!! It's been cold here! We're excited because today it got up into the 20's!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?


Denise said...

you seem to be missing your eldest's ornament lol :)

My favorite holiday tradition is listening to the parentals argue about how long were going to have to stay at the other family's house - ohh wait- that's not it :)

I think my favorite tradition is when my family goes to cut down the christmas tree - the saturday after thanksgiving. Apparently i'm the most picky about the tree :) It's also the one tradition that all 4 of us have ALWAYS done, there's pictures when we were like 4 and 2 doing it.
Though it's not a "tradition" per se, my other favorite thing about Christmas is reading the christmas cards. I love being first to the mail box to be the first to open them - especially when they are picture cards!!

Anonymous said...

Cute Cute ~ you did good. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is having all my Grandchildren help decorate my tree. Nan