Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I've heard the wise advice to leave a child in the crib until they climb out or you have to have it for the next baby. I was beginning to think we would be moving Anthony's crib to college with him. He had never attempted to get out. He's nearly three years old! A few weeks ago we started having some problems with Aiden climbing into the crib with Anthony, but we never had a problem with Anthony climbing out. I was relieved. Aiden was in need of a toddler bed before he was two, although I didn't break down and actually move him until he turned two.

Then, last week, all four of us were napping at the same time. It's a rare phenomenon around here. Suddenly I heard voices and realized the boys were awake from nap. I got up and went to get Anthony out of his crib only to have him run to me from the living room. I was shocked!

I asked, "Anthony, did you climb out of your bed?"

"No, I falled!"

He was so serious when he said it. It was too cute and very hard not to laugh at his pain. Sure enough there was a huge red mark on his forehead. So, this is a picture of Anthony's last night in his baby bed.

Today, he helped me assemble his big boy bed. Do you think he likes it?

I think he loves it! Look at that mischevious grin! Do you think we'll ever get any sleep???

Luckily, my little one still loves his sleep, just like his Mommy!

Have you ever seen anything so precious as a sleeping child?


Emily Simmons said...

Love the story, the pics AND the boy!

April said... sweet!