Thursday, December 4, 2008

Funny Times

Several things have happened recently that just made me laugh out loud!

Broken Eyes

We spent some time in Texas visiting Nan and Grandaddy recently. The last night we were there the boys went to bed very late. Then, I had to wake them up really early, around 5:30, in order to make our flight out of Love Field in Dallas. I went in and picked Anthony up out of his bed. He grunted and curled up into a little ball on my chest, content to snuggle down and sleep some more. I was cheerfully saying, "Wake up Anthony! Wake up Sweetie! It's time to wake up!" But he wasn't waking up. So, I sat him next to me on the bed and tried again.

"Wake up Anthony, open your eyes Sweetie!"


"No? Why not baby?"

"My eyes er bwoken." (translation: My eyes are broken)

It was so cute!!! Poor baby did not want to wake up and open his eyes to those bright lights. But as soon as he heard Grandaddy ask if he wanted a donut things were different! Those little blue peepers flew open and he asked for "chawquit!" (translation: chocolate)

Our New Pet

When I was a little girl I had an imaginary cat. Her name was Snowball. She was a beautiful long haired, solid white kitten with blue eyes. I would carry her everywhere with me. Snowball stayed with me as an "imaginary pet" for many years. I haven't thought about Snowball in years.

Monday, as we were boarding the plane, Aiden told me he saw a cat. I thought, "hmm, someone has a cat in a carrier on board." Then, I saw that Aiden had his two little hands cupped in front of him like he was carrying something. I asked him what he was doing. He said, "Carrying Cat Mommy." Oh, of course, why didn't I think of that? :) As the day progressed, we found out that Cat was a boy, he was orange and white, and that his name was Lovely. He is evidently very soft and loves to be pet alot. He enjoyed going to the Galleria in St. Louis and he likes to ride in the cup holder of the double stroller. He seems to be a very well mannered cat too, as he asked Max (our very real cat) if he could "Please" share his food. :) I love my little boy's imagination!

What are you drinking?

Anthony: "Whass dat?"

Me: "Kool-aid, Mommy's making Kool-aid to drink at lunch."

Anthony: "Oh, right! Mermaid!"


Denise said...

Aww, those stories made me laugh out loud too!! And they made me want to come see you guys again!!!

lil K said...

Cute! Love the stories!!!