Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A New Adventure!

My sweet husband, Patrick, wrote this on his blog:

"Over the past year (actually a little longer than a year) Angie and I have been praying through and considering the idea of working with and/or leading a Next Gen Church plant here in Illinois. There have been tons of questions and tons of fears but in the end we believe this is the directions that God wants us to go. We have gone through the formal assessment process and as it stands right now we will be seeking to work with a lead planter probably somewhere in the Western Chicago Suburbs (think Aurora area). We do not have a lot of details at this time but we would ask that you take some time to pray for us as our family will be going through a tremendous amount of transition over the next few months.

As we move further along in this journey both Angie and I will make sure and pass along the details. We are excited about this new opportunity and look forward to joining God in the work He is already doing in the lives of people."

I am so excited about this new adventure God has planned for us! And I'm a little scared. Please pray for us!

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