Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Missed Days

I don't have a fun activity post from Monday or Tuesday this week. Mondays are Ministry Monday. I desire to teach my AJs to serve God and others. However, I wasn't prepared. I have learned without proper planning you don't accomplish anything. I was pretty disappointed in how activities went this week and am working to change that for next week. We did alot of house cleaning and the children did a whole lot of unstructured playing together. A little of that is fine and sometimes good for us. However, it backfired on us this week. All of that unstructured playtime made for some kids with very bad attitudes towards one another. By the end of Monday I was happy to separate them for bed a little before bedtime! I hoped that a good nights sleep would help.

Unfortunately, Time to Read Tuesday (a trip to the library) was suddenly transformed into Take Out the Trash Tuesday (clean your playroom) before lunch was even on the table. My littles were fighting so much with one another I knew a trip to the library would not be in our best interest. They were so shocked and sad! They had no idea our days could transform! I hate taking away fun things, but they did get the message. We were able to do a little reading together before bed. Oh well, there are good days and bad days.

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