Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aiden Starts Preschool

All ready to go!

Hugging his teacher, Mrs. Amy!

Too busy playing to say bye!

Aiden had a great day! He brought home a painting and a bird he had made. This is what his teacher said, in an e-mail to me, later that day.

"What a great day we had today! Aiden was so cute meeting all his new friends. He seemed to especially like Logan and Billy. They all played so well together. I have to say that you would never know that it was Aiden's first day with how well he followed the routine and he was such a great listener. I love having Aiden in my class!! He loved cutting and painting and he did very well at tracing his name. We will continue working on fine motor skills every day. He may tell you that we couldn't play the computer today. I started the game and there was no sound, so now I figured out the problem and we will play computer on Wed. Everything today went very smoothly and it was a really fun day."

I feel so blessed that God lead us to this preschool! Mrs. Amy is excellent!!! Off to do Aiden's homework for school tomorrow!


Misty V said...

homework for preschool! Good thing he is your oldest! I remember getting that done with my first! My third...well...homework..no..attendance...if mom could get her there! Good news..she has done great in Kindergarten despite me! Good job, Angie and Aiden!

Patti said...

How cute!!! What a big boy Aiden is - he fell right into routine, that's just awesome!!!