Friday, April 10, 2009


The BBG has ransacked our home again. What's that? You don't know what the BBG is? Why, it's the Big Blue Gorilla of course! After Patrick and I got engaged in 2001 we decided to bring home a pet. We were both in seminary at the time and knew that it would have to be a "seminary housing approved" pet.

To be approved by seminary housing, your pet must not be actually breathing. So, we adopted BBG out of a claw machine at the local mall. We soon found out that BBG is very athletic. He is capable of getting into many different spots. We found him in dressers, trash cans, computer chairs, and closets. We never really know where he is going to end up. He's been running through our home for years now. There are weeks, even months, that he will lay quite happily with the other stuffed animals. Then, out of the blue (excuse the pun), he will come up missing and there is no telling where we will find him!

Earlier this week it happened again! First, Patrick found him in the shoe rack!

Then, I caught him digging through my billfold in my purse!

I just spotted him in the refrigerator of all places!!!

I'm going to let Patrick give him a lecture when he gets home. That BBG is crazy!

(psst . . . do something unexpectedly fun for your spouse today!)

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Patti said...

Ok, that is just WAY too fun! Hmmm....I need to start thinking of special to do for my hubby now - you've inspired me!