Monday, April 20, 2009


Last night I put our boys to bed at their normal bedtime, 8:30. Around 10pm I realized that there was noise coming from the bedroom, so I put down my really good book, and went to check on them. Aiden was at the door. He told me his tummy hurt. Being the good Mom that I am, I ignored that. It was very obvious that his tummy was fine and he just wasn't going to sleep. So, I hugged him and told him I'd leave the door open in case he needed me and that I would check on him in a few minutes, but he had to go to sleep.

I went back to reading my book in the living room. Several times I told Aiden to be quiet and still. About the fifth time I did this, I looked up and our cat, Max, was sitting on the floor in front of my chair. He looked up at me and meowed really loud. I jokingly said, "Well if it's bothering you so much you put him to bed!" Max got up and walked to the boys bedroom. After a few minutes I got curious! I got up and went to the bedroom too.

Max was curled up in Aiden's bed and Aiden was snoring away in dreamland! When I walked in the room Max made a noise, not a meow or a purr, but in between. He makes that noise when he's really happy with himself! He had put the baby to sleep! I said, "Thank you Max!" Then, I reached down and pet him. He jumped off the bed and curled up on the chair in the living room and went to sleep.

I put Max in charge of nap time today, giving me time to blog!


Got to love that cat!

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