Friday, April 10, 2009


The background on your computer, not real wallpaper. Mine changes frequently, but nine times out of ten it is a picture of my three favorite men. This is the latest.

I love, love, love this picture.


It speaks volumes to me. The strong back of a hard working Daddy, with protective hands, holding tight to the two treasures in his life. An inquisitive red-head, with windswept hair and an eye for adventure. An impish little blond who wants to be in perfect step with his big brother, yet needs to be his own independent self. A bustling city with new sights, sounds, and smells. A faster pace of life. A new home. A lost generation seeking fulfillment in every way besides Jesus Christ. A family, chosen to share their story of love and redemption. Adventure!

What's on your wallpaper?


Misty V said...

Beautiful pic! I really love 2 kinds of pics. Up close (really close) pics of my kids...usually in groups like the one I posted a month or so ago. In this type I can see the true joy, sadness, or other emotion in their eyes and faces that tells a story. The second type I like are the ones that I take from behind them (like yours) were they are walking (sometimes holding hands) or just standing observing something. These are the ones that always bring me to tears. I think it because I see their simple body forms - bodies that have grown and changed so much so fast. They are not the tiny little tots all in the bathtub together anymore!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture also, but did you notice on the right hand side of the picture the hand of the MOM that helps hold it all together!! Love you, Nan