Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anthony School

The past few days have been hard on Anthony. He's had to watch his big brother do fun things without him. When we lived in Macomb, Anthony didn't really care if Aiden went to school without him. Since we've moved, that has changed. I think Anthony has figured out what he's missing out on, especially since Aiden loves school here so much! We could have enrolled Anthony in preschool, but we really wanted the boys to spend some time apart. We also wanted Anthony to have some one on one time with Mommy for another year.

So, we've started "Anthony School" here at Bailey, Inc. When Aiden goes to school Anthony and I spend some time doing various activities that revolve around the same theme Aiden's preschool is doing for the day. We are both really enjoying it!

Learning about triangles

Learning to cut with scissors

Proud boy!

Next week is all about Cars!!!!

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DT Boy said...

That is so awesome!